“Latta chair” 1997.
Soft and flexible seat in laminated wood and textile.

A soft seat inspired by the construction of a corset. The combination of textile and wood gives a seat that is both supporting and flexible. A soft chair with the comfort of upholstery but thin as a leaf. The material used is easy to separate and could easily be recycled. The seat is sold by the metre in the same way as textile.In this way people can have an easychair or a sofa exactly as wide as they want.

“Kovilan” summerhouse 1998. Project for private client.
Stockholm archipelago

The house consists of three units where each have its own character. From very open with glass walls on two sides that makes the nature part of the interior. This space is divided from the kitchen only by a large white cube containing a fireplace. The more private or secluded part of the house has sleeping rooms towards the morning sun in the east.The angled ceilings reflects the daylight and gives different light atmospheres during the change of the day.
”Latta lamp” 1998.
Height 840 or 590 mm, diam. 590 or 410 mm.
Produced by cbi.
A large etherealized light bulb that gives a calm atmosphere to a room, relaxing or meditative. The expansive force of the laths keeps the elastic textile in shape, though the construction is flexible.
Excellent Swedish Design Award 1999.
“Spillersboden” 1999.
The Ten Square Meter House. Housing fair H99 Helsingborg.
The floor plan is 10 square meter and total height is 3.10 m. The idea of this basic house was to investigate what kind of inner space you could create from such small measurements, still having a place to cock, to eat and socialise and to sleep. The inner functions, like the kitchen and the storage shelf, gives a characteristic shape to this very basic architectural volume.
“Collo Lungo” bowl
and vase 2000.
Painted glass.
Produced by Pukeberg.
“Latta wall” 2001.
Housing fair Bo-01, Malmö, Sweden
“Sound Object” 2000.
Textile loudspeakers.

An object for producing sound that is visually more coherent to music and sound than the usual boxy loudspeaker.
The idea was developed for the “Rumfang” exhibition at the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen and Abitare il Tempo in Verona, Italy in 2000. Sound Object was exhibited at Spiral Garden in Tokyo 2001 and in cbi showroom during the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2002.
Included in the permanent collection of Kunstindustrimuseet in Oslo.
“What’s new” 2002.
Textile over second hand glass. Gallery Pascale, Stockholm.
The project reflects about designing: there is the functional aspect, an idea, decisions of combining shapes: straight lines, curved lines - symbolised by the second hand glasses - existing shapes creating a new shape.
Included in the permanent collection of Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.
The Latta wall wakes you up carefully with light. During winter time in Sweden, there is no sunlight in the early morning. The extra light boost will increase helth and well beeing.
Installation in the model flat of the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design at housing fair Bo-01, Malmö.
Referring to the painting “Madonna con collo lungo” this bowl and vase plays with the idea of a slight too long neck. The bottom part has a basic shape and is transparent, showing the content while the upper part of the bowl and vase is painted with an opaque colour.
A simple and obvious design that takes a minimum of space in the cupboard and that is friendly to the clothes.
The shape is relatively strong thanks to it’s beam like construction. For heavier coats you need to take two side by side of the otherwise very flat hanger. It’s a cheap and mass produced coat hanger sold in packs of 5.
Material is polypropylene which is a recyclable plastic.
”Hemlis” coathanger 1998. Coathanger in recyclable plastic.
Produced by Ikea.
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman
Photo: Mathias Nero
Photo: Mathias Nero
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman